February 26, 2013

Old Time Religion

In our Sunday best we ate chicken, rolls, and potato salads,
attended Easter skits, Christmas plays, and spring rallies.

Choirs marched down aisles singing “Glory to His name,”
and from Amen corners a few dignified deacons came.

As church mothers taught us at Sunday school,
from an old coffee can we got to choose

Our favorite crayon with which to color Christ
walking on the water or giving new life.

Trustees cleaned and filled the pool outside
for many lost souls who would be revived.

Men, women, and children, they all were brave
if they came to the mourners bench to be saved.

From the Good Book, reverends charismatically read,
proclaiming that "for our sins the Savior bled."

Spirits were bound, loosed, and lifted,
and the people of God were slain in the Spirit.

Copyrighted 2012 Latorial Faison | www.latorialfaison.com
from 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History 3 by Faison (2012)