February 26, 2013

Slave Questions

     Why, oh why
Can't I be free?
     Why are you
Afraid of me?

     Why did you steal me
And bring me here
     To treat me bad,
Keep me in fear?

     Why did you tell them
I'm like an ape,
And prone to rape?

     Why do you say
That I am dumb,
     That I am dangerous
And will cause harm?

     Why do you love
To hate my skin,
     To accuse me of wrong
And sell my kin?

     Why take me from
My native land
     To be misused
At another's hand?

      Why tell me that
I cannot read,
     I cannot write,
I cannot lead?

     Why take my children,
Sell them away,
     Break my heart,
And make me stay?

     Why use the whip
And change my name,
     Tell all the world
That I've been tamed?

     Why teach me words
And give me things
     But give me not
What freedom brings?

     Why, oh why
Can't I be free?
     Why are you
Enslaving me?

Copyrighted 2005 Latorial Faison | www.latorialfaison.com
from 28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History by Faison (2006)