February 04, 2016

We Must Teach You

We Must Teach You
By Latorial Faison

We must teach you
To hold your head up high,
How to hold on to your faith
When darkness paints the sky.

We must teach you
To stand up, to say it loud,
The meaning of your history,
Your heritage of being proud.

We must teach you
To defeat each shame and fear,
How to conquer and survive
When danger lingers near.

We must teach you
That your blackness is not for jail,
Not for idle-minded mischief,
Not for hire and not for sale.

We must teach you
All that blackness has achieved,
That blessings are upon it
For all who have believed.

We must teach you
What blackness has been through,
How it fought to survive,
Why it is now up to you.

We must teach you
What your Blackness means,
How to read its warning label
When to die in search of dreams.

Copyrighted February 4, 2016-2017. Latorial D. W. Faison
www.latorialfison.com | Published in Mother to Son by Latorial Faison